Vermont Bundle Package

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The VT Bundle is the complete package, everything you need to start or rejuvenate a successful business on the web.

What’s in The Bundle?

The Web Site

We start with a fully designed 5 page web site which is expandable, limited only by your needs and imagination. The web site is 100% responsive to all desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This means that no matter how people view your web site, they will be looking at it in the most optimized manner for their device.  In early 2014, the landscape of the web changed forever when Internet usage on mobile devices exceeded PC usage, this will only continue to grow in favor of the mobile device.

Value: $500 – $2000 (depending on web developer pricing)

global mobile vs desktop

Why it is important that your web site is responsive!

In mid 2014 internet browsing changed forever when mobile device internet browsing overtook browsing on desktop computers. The dramatic growth is driven by a desire among users to stay connected and have instant access to social and news sites, as well as personal connectivity with family and friends.— Increase in the functionality of smartphones and tablets along with the steady decrease in data and device costs has encouraged consumers to change their web browsing habits.

Web Hosting

The bundle also includes 1 year of feature rich web hosting with our Pro web hosting package with all benefits of that package, including the popular one-click installations of many robust software solutions to help your business grow.

Value: $203.00 (our price)

Free Advertising

To get your web site in front of a captive Vermont audience, we also include free advertising for up to 5 campaigns in the Vermont Ads Network. The Vermont Ads Network has served nearly 1.3 million ads to your Vermont neighbors since launching in early 2014.

Value: Variable

Free Domain Name

Free Domain name registration for 1 year for .net and .com domain names.

Value: up to $35.00

Real Support

We offer support, not just when something is wrong but we’ll give you advise on how to manage, advertise or promote your web site. We’ve been in the web business for over 20 years and we are happy to share that experience with you.

Value: Priceless 😉

Great Price - $645

The Bundle price is just $645.00 for the first year with 3 equal installments of  $215 over 3 months.
Subsequent years you pay only for your hosting, and at a reduced cost of the Pro plan hosting package ($120.00/year ~ reduced from $203.00). This is a great incentive to get the web site that you want at a price you can live with.

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Is the web site mine to keep?
Yes, you can export your physical and database files to use anywhere.
Is the domain name mine?
Technically domain names are never owned (even Google doesn’t own their domain name), they are leased from the registrar, but the domain name is transferrable 60 days after registration (this is a global ICANN rule).
How is the web site viewable on my phone?
Your web site will be built with code which renders it “responsive”. Web sites using such code will recognize and respond to the device that they are being viewed on. As an example, try this as a test: resize the browser window of the page you are viewing right now. Watch the text and layout as well as what happens to the menu. The elements are told to respond based on the width and device.

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