Why You Need Managed WordPress Security

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WordPress is used by 65.2% of all websites using a CMS


Over 810 million websites use WordPress.


17 pages are published every second on WordPress sites around the world.

Over 60,000 FREE Plugins

Powering over 65% of the CMS based websites on the internet, WordPress is a very attractive target for malicious players. Why do they do it? Some for money (think ransomware), some for fame (think civil disobedience to promote a political agenda – hacktivism) and some just because they can. 

We are now offering Managed WordPress Installations


If you’ve followed us over the years you’ll know that we are constantly talking about security.

Several years ago when we talked about securing individual and business accounts people thought it was “paranoid” to think that the average guy or average business was vulnerable. It was not uncommon for people to give a kind smile and a dismissive “OK” when we talked about threats. Now, everyone is paying attention.

In 2020 alone we had 19 NEW clients come to us because of security problems.

These days there is not a week (or less) that goes by without hearing about a major breach of consumer passwords or a new vulnerability of web software needing an immediate “patch.

So, starting in 2017 we decided to offer what we think is essential. Not just standard web sites or standard installations of WordPress, we felt the need was for managed WordPress installations and security monitoring.

This is not web site content management, this is security management and safe management of the components that power your web site.

Why Do You Need Managed WordPress Security Services?

WordPress offers such far reaching diversity of function and offers over 60 thousand different free plugins, 31 thousand free and paid themes and 169 translations. It is by far, the most widely used and most accessible Content Management System but this popularity is exactly what attracts the hackers and vulnerability exploiters.

Being open source software, WordPress will never be perfect.
Being on top of your installation has never been more important.

34.5% of the Web is a Big Target

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