Techniques to Increase Niche Web Site Traffic

There are so many ways to increase targeted website traffic, we’ll try to touch on a few in this article. The first step is having a basic understanding of how the internet works as well as the behavior of e-commerce consumers and even of the average web surfer.  Here are a few techniques to make sure that you can increase the targeted niche traffic to your site:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This should be the initial step that can be refined by you to target your niche. Whenever you optimize your website for search engines, you decide on what keywords you would like to get optimized for.

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Selecting the right keywords will determine how targeted your traffic can be. Here is an important point; General keywords are highly competitive and may attract visitors that are really not looking for your niche, moreover the likelihood of achieving a top spot on Google or other search sites are diminished by the general nature of the term and the number of other sites that also fit into the general parameters of the term.

Specific vs. general keywords deliver a clearer message and will rank you higher in search. Click to Tweet

Advertising on the Web. This will get you the most targeted traffic because of a clear message that you provide on the web. When creating and placing ads, there should be no mistake in trying to communicate to a web surfer what your website is all about. It seems to be obvious but some seem to forget that when your ad clearly states that you are selling accounting software anybody who clicks on the ad is likely to be someone really interested in buying accounting software as opposed to when your ad only states software which obviously is much more vague in its message.

PPC or pay per click ads. This combines the features of both SEO and web ads. In most PPC campaigns, a text ad is created and displayed on search engines but only when that word or phrase – defined by you in the metrics of the ad -includes or is exactly the same as the keywords or key phrases you bid for.

Email Campaigns. If your efforts to reach people via the web are simply not bearing fruit, then go proactive by spreading the word on your website via emails. Draft a compelling message that explains what your product or website is all about, how a visit can add benefit to the reader, and, overall, why a visit to your site will be worth their time and perhaps add value to their life. Add email subscription links to different niche lists in your emails (it’s the law to include unsubscribe links) so you can always update them on current developments and so you can guarantee a continued stream of new and interested visits to your site.

There are so many other ways to increase targeted traffic, ask us about them. Choose one or more that works best for you with your existing resources and your level of confidence and convenience for each method. As always, we are here to help you in any direction that you may choose.