Mr. Robot is Close

email security Mr. Robot is a very popular USA Networks TV series that follows Elliot, a young programmer working as a cyber-security engineer by day, and a vigilante hacker by night. In the series Elliot is recruited by [...]

Google Chrome v.55 – Flash Killer

For the past few years web developers and web security experts have been anticipating the demise of Adobe Flash. In the upcoming Google chrome browser, version 55, Google will finally say no more support for [...]

Security Alert for Ninja Forms WordPress

According to Wordpress, the free version of Ninja Forms has over 600,000 active installations, making this plugin one of the most widely used add ons for Wordpress. According to Sucuri Security, there has been [...]

Marcel Lehel Lazar, aka Guccifer – How vulnerable is your email?

email security Marcel Lehel Lazar, who used the alias, Guccifer, recently pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft and unauthorized computer access in the Federal District Court for Eastern Virginia. As part of a plea [...]

Ninja Forms Multiple Critical Security Vulnerabilities

Multiple critical security vulnerabilities were discovered in the Ninja Forms plugin for WordPress. If you are using a version less than 2.9.42, update immediately! Ninja Forms is a very popular [...]

WordPress User Role Editor Plugin Vulnerability

wordpress security The developer of the User Role Editor has patched a critical security vulnerability. User Role Editor is used to edit, manage, and create user roles and capabilities and is active on more than 300K [...]

Malicious Developer Actions at WordPress

wordpress security As reported by  Wordfence, there has been backdoor added to the Custom Content Type Manager plugin. The backdoor was added by a malicious coder who gained access to the plugin code in the official [...]

‘Get Transcript’ IRS Hack Keeps Getting Worse

According to Forbes, the IRS has filed an amended statement on the ‘Get Transcript’ hack — which reports that 700,000 U.S. taxpayer accounts were accessed or targeted, and 47 million transcripts have [...]

3 WordPress plugins updated for vulnerabilities

If you are using any of hese plugins you should update your installations immediately. WooCommerce Store Toolkit Plugin (A plugin for WooCommerce made by Visser Labs, not the core product) version 1.5.6 [...]

Update Alert – An Attack Platform Infecting WordPress Sites

During a recent investigation of a very large infection we found a trove of attack tools that all pointed back to a single “meta” script. This script was only two lines long but provided an attacker with a [...]

A Must Read for WordPress webmasters

wordpress security Some people think that building a web site that runs a Wordpress installation is easy. In our experience that could not be further from reality. With Wordpress, by far, the most installed content management [...]

Buddy Press Vulnerability

BuddyPress is a popular open source social networking software package owned by Automattic since 2008 and used in many Wordpress installations.   From Buddy Press page @ [...]

XML – RPC Security – to disable or not to disable?

Online security company Sucuri have posted a recent and rising cluster of brute force amplification security attacks against sites which use the WordPress content management system – 58.7% of all CMS-based [...]

WooCommerce SQL injection vulnerability

Yesterday Matt Barry, one of our researchers at Wordfence discovered a SQL injection vulnerability in WooCommerce version 2.3.5 and older during a code audit of the plugin repository.  WooCommerce is [...]

WP Site owners Alert

For Woo Commerce users on Wordpress The security team at Wordfence discovered a SQL injection vulnerability in WooCommerce version 2.3.5 and older during a code audit of the plugin repository. [...]

WordPress plugin vulnerability

There is currently a zero day SQL injection vulnerability in the WordPress Video Gallery plugin. If you are using this plugin, please disable and remove it from your site immediately. The vulnerability [...]

Attention WordPress users: Vulnerability

Vulnerability in FancyBox Plugin for WordPress If you are using this plug in you should update immediately! A serious vulnerability has been discovered in the FancyBox plugin for WordPress. Please [...]

New net regulating plan by FCC

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler plans to announce a new plan on February 5 and put it to a commission vote on February 26 but Republicans in Congress make plan to preempt FCC on net neutrality. House and Senate [...]

Spam Assassin – Our tools to fight spam

If you are already a customer or are soon to be a customer, here are some tips to fight spam using our Spam Assassin tool in your control panel. SpamAssassin (now called Apache SpamAssassin) is a trusted [...]

Search with Apple Yosemite, not as secure as you think

According to an analysis of data communications by Landon Fuller via Apple's own Net Monitor toolkit this report shows that data entered into a spotlight search, via Apple's new operating system Yosemite, is [...]

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