The Dos and Don’ts of Twitter Marketing

Do you want to mix in your ads with your Twitter posts?  Twitter can be great as a marketing tooI if you proceed with caution.  Developing a brand on Twitter is important, but if you are not careful, that brand could sour the appetite of your followers.  So, what are the Twitter dos and don’ts?

Be very careful with Personal Messages (PMs). When some people see that they have the ability to send personal messages to their followers the idea bulb flashesstop, turn that light off. The first message that we want to share is that this is not tolerated as a marketing avenue. A PM is just that – a PERSONAL message – Do not send personal messages to potential clients.  If you have a personal account send personal messages to your friends via that account but if you mix your personal and business account use the PM tool for friends and family only. Remember, this is unprofessional and most likely your account will be muted or blocked by the user that received the unwanted message.

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Do not send or tweet spam.  Spam is not tolerated on Twitter.  Your account will be banned and what’s worse – your name, website, and product links if attached to your messages, may consequentially earn a bad reputation.

Do use smart forms of advertising.  Spamming isn’t tolerated on Twitter, but ads are allowed if done so in moderation.  Don’t abuse the privilege.  And when you do post a promotion think about the best ways to do it – be sure to see our post titled “5 Smart Methods to Market Your Product on Twitter”.  One example could be – Instead of highlighting your services as a content writer, ask readers to review recent samples or ask them to give you input on your rates.  And be sure to link to samples and prices.

Never pressure your followers to buy.  Your followers signed up to receive your tweet updates and they chose to do so presumably because you have something to offer; however, they can choose to end these updates with the simple press of the unfollow button.  The average consumer does not like high pressure sales tactics so when you are easing your promotion in with your tweets use clever forms of ads, never applying excess pressure.

Do include a link.  This might seem like a no-brainer but you would be surprised to find out how many people just don’t do it. When sending Twitter updates to followers, include a link.  Don’t overuse links, but always use them to your advantage.  Don’t spam your followers with ads highlighting your services.  Instead, answer the Twitter question of what are you doing.  Again, using the writing example, you could say something like “I’m writing a very interesting article about (insert subject) for my client.” Then, insert your link.  You’re not asking for business or spamming in any way, but making it known that this is your business and you work for hire.

Don’t send tweets late at night unless your client base is in a different time zone.  Of course you can tweet “confefe” tweets any time ;). If you are one of those people that works outside of the 9-5, remember that most are not on your same schedule. Your followers with mobile web alerts may be receive a unwanted alert so for that reason alone, avoid late night updates.

you can find members, and not just your followers, who are looking to buy a product you may sell Click to Tweet

Use @replies to your advantage.  Many people ask questions.  With a search, you can find members, and not just your followers, who are looking to buy a product you may sell, looking for a service you may offer, or looking for advice or other service that you may offer from your site.  If so, send a friendly @reply with your personal message and a link specific to their question.