Patient Newsletters – Don’t Miss the Boat

Are you a Medical Practitioner? If so, you may be missing out on one of the most important tools that you have at your disposal. According to McKinsey research "E-mail remains a significantly more effective [...]

The Benefits of a Professional Google Maps Listing

Why Put Your Business on Google Maps? Google Business Maps is a online directory of local businesses and other organizations. Formerly known as Google Places and whether through a search result or a maps [...]

Did You Know? A Growing Collection of (Sometimes) Useful Knowledge for Website Owners

Did you know that the term pagerank, often used when referring to web page rank but actually PageRank was named after Larry Page. Did you know that Google started as a research project at Stanford [...]

Get Started With Periscope

My favorite social media network is Twitter. I love the immediacy of Twitter. It has so many uses, from breaking news to customer service. This article is about a fairly new app called Periscope by Twitter [...]

New way to connect your business

If your business is listed at then you are already all set. Here's the way it works. Users that have the PathTalk app installed on their smart phone text a question to your business then (this [...]

YouTube for Government

For our local government clients and visitors, we were just made aware of YouTube for government via a tweet by one of our followers: [...]

FACEBOOK What is atlas and what does it do?

Facebook's new advertising platform explained. Atlas is a former Microsoft application that Facebook bought last year for about $100 million. Facebook has now rebuilt this application from the ground [...]

How Google Works, the book

The long awaited book by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg is out and it's the buzz of the tech industry. It's on my short list of  "to read" books. Here's what Amazon says: Google Executive Chairman [...]

Pixel tags – another Facebook advertising method

Recently Facebook changed it's privacy policy now allowing outside developers to tap into information that Facebook can gather. By placing small bits of code on their web site, site owners can now have [...]

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