The Benefits of a Professional Google Maps Listing

Why Put Your Business on Google Maps? Google Business Maps is a online directory of local businesses and other organizations. Formerly known as Google Places and whether through a search result or a maps [...]

Are you responsive? A repost from August 2016 + offer

We originally posted this in August of 2016 but we think this is becoming increasingly important. Older websites that are not responsive to mobile devices will soon be left out of searches mobile and [...]

Get Started With Periscope

My favorite social media network is Twitter. I love the immediacy of Twitter. It has so many uses, from breaking news to customer service. This article is about a fairly new app called Periscope by Twitter [...]

New Web Hosting Add-Ons

Bring your web site out of the dark ages of desktop! That sounds crazy, huh? But it's true!!! If your web site is not designed to be "responsive" to all devices, desktop, tablet, phones, etc. then you are [...]

Shopper Behavior Insights

Mobile has forever changed the way people shop. A shopper's smartphone is there for them anytime, anywhere in countless micro-moments. The question for retailers is: Are you prepared to meet these shoppers in [...]

What is the difference between SSL and TLS and why it matters to you?

difference between ssl tls What is the difference between SSL and TLS and why it matters to you? First, why it matters to you. If you are reading this it's most likely being read on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer [...]

IPv6 and what it means

When the internet was first invented IP addresses looked like this: However an IP address is actually a big number, a 32 bit unsigned integer which means that it’s a number that ranges from 0 to [...]

A big win for Net Neutrality

Washington insiders said it couldn't be done. But the public got loud in protest, the FCC gave in, and we won Title II net neutrality rules. Now Comcast is furious. They want to destroy our victory with their [...]

Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS – What’s really going on with Apple Pay

From the headlines about Walmart, Rite Aid and others yanking Apple Pay one might conclude that it was because there was something wrong with Apple Pay. In fact, that is not the case at all. Merchants that [...]

New Google Inbox service

There is a new Google service called Google Inbox and, as they did with Gmail, Google will send invitations to people who request them. Here are a few features of the service which, at first glance seems to [...]

Apple Pay in action – Review by Money magazine (video)

Money magazine writer Pat Regnier reviews Apple Pay in NYC. In this article he says: There are a few wrinkles you don’t see on camera. Setting it up wasn’t quite seamless. I deliberately tried to set it [...]

’tis the season – to get your shopping cart in order

Responsiveness - Make sure your site is responsive As we've stressed in an earlier post, mobile browsing is now more common than desktop browsing! What that means to commerce web sites that have not updated [...]

Apple Pay – PayPal, accepting payments is about change

After an announcement this week that eBay will spin off PayPal  to a different company John Donahoe, chief executive of eBay announced to investors.. “The era of digital payments is upon [...]

Apple Pay, will you accept it?

With Apple Pay ready to go live later this month (October 20th), it might be reasonable to question the wisdom of trusting Apple with user credit card information. Apple Pay is a secure mobile payment [...]

New way to connect your business

If your business is listed at then you are already all set. Here's the way it works. Users that have the PathTalk app installed on their smart phone text a question to your business then (this [...]

Mobile web site browsing

It's official, in 2014 mobile browsing which consists of smart phone and tablet browsing of the web, surpassed desktop computer web browsing. To the average person that does not mean much but, if you have a [...]

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