5 Smart Methods to Market Your Product on Twitter

Do you promote merchandise on-line? Whether or not you run a web-based store or you promote on eBay, Etsy or elsewhere, web advertising and marketing needs to be an element of your marketing strategy. Once you market your merchandise, you improve your earnings potential, it’s that simple.

When it comes to web advertising and marketing, there are a lot of profitable approaches. These approaches include buying ads, banner exchanges, and SEO. It’s best to implement all of those steps, but you should also look at some other approaches, like Twitter.

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If you’re not familiar with Twitter, it’s a social networking website. Once you register for a free account, you’ll be able to search for users that may be potential customers. Once found, you can then follow them. By doing so you’ll receive their messages, otherwise known as updates or Tweets. Many will follow you or “follow-back”. Look for contacts on Twitter mostly by profile, location, or hashtag. There are many tools to help you with this.

As mentioned, Twitter is a social networking site. All kinds of posts are allowed, however many anticipate social messages, not commercials. This doesn’t imply that you can’t use Twitter for your web advertising and marketing. It only means that you should post smartly with your new – and valuable – potential customer in mind. Here are a few tips:

Ask for suggestions. As a promotional post, your Tweet could say “Buy environmentally-friendly merchandise at low prices”. Maybe that would work, however you will see some people who assume great, one more commercial. So, instead, maybe ask for feedback. Link to your product and ask your followers to review it. Will it bring value to their life, is the price within reason and comparable to a possible competitor?

How about a contest? Make a contest and Tweet about it.  An effective way to bring visitors to your site and showcase your products, is to supply something for free.  People love free stuff.  Contests are a tried-and-true method for growing your business. As an alternative to promoting a single product you could have a giveaway or a promotion.  A smart contest will get people to your site.  Here’s a bonus tip, have your contest touchdown on a web page full of merchandise beneath the contest details.

Offer promotional codes.  Many online (and offline) stores successfully promote their wares with coupons. This is not rocket science and has been used even before wheels were round. But to promote a coupon on Twitter is an art. Here’s an idea, now that Twitter allows animated gifs to be used you can animate your coupon. Once your coupon is perfected, just attach it to a tweet with a message like “Here’s a special offer just for our Twitter followers”.



To further the personal touch of the promotional message be sure to add a short comment such as saying that the offer is only for your Twitter friends and followers or as a thanks for following us, here’s a special offer. That extra personal message will make a big difference in the way your promotion is received.

Don’t over do it, even if you are Walmart and have thousands of great deals a day, nobody wants to see promo after promo from you. Really, it’s spam!! Treat your followers as if they are your friends, post interesting things, and they don’t always have to be related to what you’re selling, like a quote of the day or a “did you know?” Engage with your followers, when you talk to them use their @username and they will be notified of your reply, some companies even use Twitter as a customer support method. Value your Twitter followers and they will value you.

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We are always available to give our customers more tips and suggestions so if you need some help, just give us a ring.

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